FlashCedere - Tester for Flash- and Diagnostics Conformance


Are you looking for comprehensive, automated communication and function tests with informative result reports? Or do you wish to carry out update programming as simply as possible with subsequent status reporting? Standardization and individuality are not necessarily opposing factors!

FlashCedere® gives you a modular, standardized software tool for varied individual tasks such as

  • Control unit diagnosis
  • Control unit parametrization
  • Conformance testing
  • Strength and stress tests
  • Acceptance and release tests

To enable you to work as efficiently as possible, all the tools and functions you need are combined in a single software environment. FlashCedere® offers reliable support for

  • Development of test cases and test libraries
  • Parametrization and performance of test runs
  • Evaluation of test results
  • Documentation and reporting

Concrete specification of the communication process and the automated evaluation of results produces reproducible test procedures that are grouped by content and objective.

This concept is used in particular for the FlashCedere® test libraries for conformance tests.

Supported communication interfaces

Examples of supported communication interfaces:

  • Vector CANCard XL(e)
  • Systec USB2CAN Interface
  • samtec HS+ Interface

Are your products flexible?
FlashCedere® is too!

FlashCedere® sets benchmarks for definition, development, and performance of a wide range of communication and function tests and so means that standard requests can be dealt with efficiently and simply. FlashCedere® maintains a focus on individual needs and exceptions for test practice. This can be seen in particular in the concepts at the heart of FlashCedere®:

Flexible application

Support for user accounts and group configurations, combined with extensive import and export functions means that test procedures and configurations can be transferred simply and quickly between different workers and PCs.

Various licensing options (single-user with dongle or network license), comprehensive user documentation, and a user-friendly installation process also make it easy to introduce and work with FlashCedere®.

Flexible structure

All processes in FlashCedere® are based on generic function libraries containing all test-relevant functions – from simple checksum algorithms, through transport protocols and service definition. Test procedures – known as TestCases in FlashCedere® – can be created on this basis.

Combinations of several TestCases produce TestBundles, which allow even the most complex procedure scenarios to be reproduced. Strict separation of the procedure definition and test parametrization considerably reduces the amount of maintenance work needed for TestCases and data.

The configurable and extendable data management can be very easily adapted to device-specific characteristics.

Flexible range of functions

With the free Python interface, a wide range of function enhancements can be integrated in FlashCedere®, from simple scripts to external programs.

There are also other tools optionally available in FlashCedere®, for example bus traffic monitoring, manual transmission of messages, or control of specific test hardware.

Flexible operation

Various graphical user interfaces are used depending on the specific task and in conjunction with useful shortcuts and a macro recorder, these ensure that the software is user-friendly and intuitive to use.

Alternatively, console-based control can also be used to integrate FlashCedere® into higher-level test and diagnosis processes.

Flexible reporting

HTML test reports can be generated with various degrees of detail depending on the specific task.

These range from simple good/bad results, through to comprehensive communication traces including high-resolution timestamps. In addition to the output content, the graphics can also be adapted to individual requirements.